Use the phrasal verbs at the left side (in the right form) to fill in the empty spaces. *please note that sometimes several options and different verb forms are possible*

phrasal  verbs
phrasal verbs
  1. I’ll _____________ by using this piece of wood.
  2. His main source of work _______________, leaving him short of money.
  3. We don’t need to do big things; we can _____________ small.
  4. We have accomplished all we _______________ to do.
  5. He decided to __________________ the conference.
  6. Foreign investment may _______________.
  7. It’s not an easy task to _________________ a bad habit.
  8. I want to _____________________ this work while the light is good.
  9. I can ______________________ the rest of the typing in no time.
  10.  They went to different universities and their relationship just ____________.
  11. He was told by his boss to ________________.
  12. _______________ your toys children!
  13. Keep trying. Don’t just _______________.
  14. He __________ on coffee and cigarettes. That is why he feels much better.
  15. I stopped pushing and let the swing _________________ to a stop.
  16.  I find it difficult to ___________________ after a day at work.
  17. He was accused of ________________ his former partner.
  18.  When he goes on holiday, it takes him the first couple of days just to __________.
  19.  It’s 6, time to ________________ and head home.
  20.  I ____________ three essays in one week.
  21. I need to __________________ on food if I want to lose some weight.
  22.   She ____________________ a piece of chocolate and gave it to me.
  23. The discussion ____________________mildly enough.

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phrasal verbs
phrasal verbs