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Plural of Nouns:


Regular Plural Nouns

Irregular Plural Nouns





IDIOMS – Flash Cards – Memory Cards – Pdf




IDIOMS in this set:

1. behind the eight ball

2. catching someone’s eyes

3. a little bird told me

4. a stone’s throw from here

5. at the end of sb’s rope

6. a catch 22 situation

7. dropping like flies

8. foaming at the mouth

9. have (one’s) head in the clouds

10. lose one’s marbles

11. be mad as a hatter on the fence

13.out on a limb

14. on the other hand

15. to sit on top of the world

16.put your thinking cap on


For the additional idioms look here:






Third Conditional – Task Cards – Exercises PDF

Third Conditional
Third Conditional



1.If I had been there,

2.If she had gone to the university,

3. We would have come to the party

4. If I had learnt harder

5. Tom would have played tennis

6. She would have had her own company

7. Tom would have saved more money

8. My parents would have gone to the beach

9. If I hadn’t paid much attention


a)… I would have seen you.

b) …I would have passed all

the exams.

c)… if he had more time.

d)… I would have made lots

of mistakes.

f)… if  the weather conditions

had been better.

g)…if she had more


h)…she would become

an engineer

i)… if you had invited us.

j)…if he had better salary.





Third conditional grammar exercise