English Idioms

English Idioms – pdf

You can download a file with English Idioms here.

Weather Conditions Poster

1. sunny 2. rainy 3. partly sunny 4. snowy 5. stormy 6. freezing 7. hot 8. tornado 9. rainbow 10. icy 11. thunder 12. warm 13. hailing…

phrasal verbs GO

Phrasal Verbs with GO – quiz

Family Tree Quiz

Family Tree Quiz – for ESL students

learn English with videos

42 Great YouTube Channels to improve your English

YouTube Animated English Learn Easy English EnglishClass101 Learn English with TV Series Rachel’s English English Conversation English Conversation 2 English Fluency Journey BBC learning English English wih…

commonly confused words

Commonly Confused Words

affect vs. effect to vs. too lie vs. lay lose vs. loose desert vs. dessert their vs. there than vs. then your vs. you’re ensure vs. insure…

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns are words that point to specific things. If they point to a particular noun, we use this or that. If they point to nouns in…

Verb to BE – questions

Questions Am I? Is he? she? it? Are we? you? they? verb to Be – questions Examples: Are you students? Is he an engineer? Are you ok?…

Verb to BE – the present simple tense-negative form

Negative I am not (I’m not) He She It is not (He isn’t) We You They are not (We aren’t) (You aren’t) (They aren’t) verb to be…

Verb to BE – the present simple tense- positive

The verb to BE has different forms in the present simple. Verb to BE – Affirmative Form (Positive) Positive I am (I’m) he she it is (He’s)…

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