Zero Conditional

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Practice: Match the parts of the sentences from 1-10 to a to i: Ice melts when If it rains, I’m late for work if When you eat too many sweets, Tom does his homework when Lions work in teams if If you’re a male trying to attract a mate, When a person or an animal… Continue reading Zero Conditional

Second Conditional Task Cards – ESL materials

Questions for practicing the second conditional forms: If you could learn one skill, what would it be? If you could sing really well, what would you do? If you won the lottery, what would you do? What would you do if you could speak English perfectly? If you were a millionaire, what would you spend… Continue reading Second Conditional Task Cards – ESL materials


Fitness: 1. weight 2. scale 3. apple 4. squats 5.water 6. stopwatch list 8. calendar 9. snickers 10. supplements 11. exercise mat 12. yogurt 13. smoothie 14. punching bag 15. gym ball 16. stationary bike 17. vegetable salad 18. cornflakes 19. porridge 20. jumping rope 21. step 22. fruit 23. roller 24. dumbbell 25.… Continue reading FITNESS VOCABULARY


lime apple apricot nectarine coconut hazelnut walnut watermelon star fruit raspberry fig bananas strawberry grapes blackberry chestnut cranberry pomegranate mango lemon quince orange blueberries pear melon plums kiwi avocado cherry sour cherry

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas: cereals waffle fresh juice boiled eggs crepes chocolate spread ham and eggs scrambled eggs pancakes with fruit acai bowl croissant yogurt smoothie porridge omelette apple pie bun sandwich butter donuts pretzel fried egg jam bacon corn flakes

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Phrasal Verbs Exercises

Use the phrasal verbs at the left side (in the right form) to fill in the empty spaces. *please note that sometimes several options and different verb forms are possible* I’ll _____________ by using this piece of wood. His main source of work _______________, leaving him short of money. We don’t need to do big… Continue reading Phrasal Verbs Exercises