English Grammar

Verb to BE – questions

Ishe? she? it?
Arewe? you? they?
verb to Be – questions


  1. Are you students?
  2. Is he an engineer?
  3. Are you ok?
  4. Is there a post office in the village?
  5. Are police officers at the scene?
  6. Why are you still here?
  7. Where is the nearest shop?
  8. How much is this pencil?
  9. How much money is on the table?

Quiz – Verb to BE- questions

English Grammar

Verb to BE – the present simple tense-negative form

Iam not(I’m not)
He She Itis not(He isn’t)
We You Theyare not(We aren’t)
(You aren’t)
(They aren’t)
verb to be – negative form


  1. I‘m not a student.
  2. He isn’t a policeman.
  3. Susan isn’t outside.
  4. They aren’t my parents.
  5. Pete isn’t interested in politics.
  6. It isn’t warm today.
  7. You aren’t alone.

Quiz -The verb to BE- negative form

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English Grammar

Verb to BE – the present simple tense- positive

The verb to BE has different forms in the present simple.

Verb to BEAffirmative Form (Positive)

he she itis(He’s)
we you theyare(we’re) (you’re) (they’re)
present simple of the verb to be- affirmative form


  1. I am a student. / I‘m a student.
  2. We are in the garden. / We‘re in the garden.
  3. He is in his office. / He‘s in his office.

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The Verb To BE- positive

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