Questions for Discussion

Getting to know you – Speaking Exercise

questions for getting to know you for esl students
speaking activity for ESL and EFL students

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What is your biggest fear? Why?
  2. What is your biggest goal in life right now?
  3. What is your favourite book?
  4. What is the hardest to do for you on a daily basis?
  5. What really makes you angry?
  6. How often do you get angry during a day?
  7. What is your favourite animal?
  8. How difficult is English to you?
  9. Do you know any languages? Which?
  10. Who is your best friend?
  11. How often do you read something in English?
  12. What is your favourite film? Do you like to go to the cinema?
  13. What do you like to eat? What is your favourite meal/drink?
  14. What is your favourite colour?
  15. How important are friends to you if you have any?
  16. How difficult is it to you to go to school/work?
  17. What is the most memorable day in your life?
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