There is / There are

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  1. I) Fill in the gaps with there is / there are:
  2. _________five apples in the fridge.
  3. _________ a new restaurant nearby.
  4. _________ a book on the table.
  5. _________ a strange man staring at me.
  6. _________ few questions I’d like to ask you.
  7. _________ a lot of trees in this park.
  8. _________ two oranges in the fridge.
  9. _________ a new pupil in our classroom.
  10. _________ new desks in our office.
  11. _________ only little milk left.

Speaking: Look around you and describe what is near you.

For example: There are three sheets of paper. There is a pencil. You can ask your teacher to help you with the vocabulary or you can use the words from vocabulary section below.

Vocabulary: desk, table, colour pencil, computer, mobile phone, keyboard, a cup of coffee, can of coca-cola, glass of juice…

Look at the picture and complete the sentences using there is / there are:

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  1. ______ three cans of beer.
  2. ______ a can of tomato sauce.
  3. ______ a carton of soy milk.
  4. ______ a carton of orange juice.
  5. ______ a jar of jam.
  6. ______ two carrots.
  7. ______ an onion.

    Complete the sentences using constructions: Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t. / Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.

  8. Is there any milk in the fridge? ________________
  9. Are there any oranges in the fridge? ________________
  10. Is there a carton of orange juice in the fridge? _________________
  11. Is there any pizza in the fridge? _________________
  12. Is there any fresh butter in the fridge?                _________________
  13. Is there any lettuce in the fridge? _________________
  14. Is there any cheese in the fridge? _________________
  15. Is there any soy milk in the fridge?          _________________
  16. Are there any cartons of yoghurt in the fridge? _________________
  17. Is there any tomato sauce in the fridge? _________________
  18. Are there any bananas in the fridge? _________________





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