Zero Conditional – free PDF


Match the beginnings with their endings:


1.Ice melts when

2.If it rains,

3.I’m late for work if

4.When you eat too many sweets,

5.Tom does his homework when

6.Lions work in teams if

7.If you’re a male trying to attract a mate,

8.When a person or an animal comes into an area your dog considers his territory,

9.People become depressed

10.When the liquid is heated,


a)… you heat it.

b)…you get fat.

c)…he comes home.

d)…I  wake up late.

e)…the grass gets wet.

f))…it reaches the

boiling point.

g)…that often triggers

excessive barking.

h) when they lose their


i) it ’s more important to

let your fellow birds know

that it’s you singing.

j)…they go hunting.


1.Male birds may die overnight if

2.If dogs become bored or sad,

3.When you see an alligator on the water’s edge,

4.Lower income people are happy

5.A liquid boils when

6.I eat when

7.As water cools towards its freezing point,

8.Water releases a large amount of erosive energy as

9.When water is in short supply,


a)…it can be frightening.

b)…when they gain wealth.

c)…the vapor pressure of the gas escaping from the liquid is equal to the pressure

exerted on the liquid by its surroundings.

d)…it becomes most dense at 4C° (39°F).

e)…it moves in this way.

f)..the potential conflict grows.

g)…I’m hungry.

h)…they bark.

i)…they haven’t been able to feed well during the previous day.

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