Zero and First Conditionals

Fill in the gaps with a ZERO or FIRST conditional:


  1. If you _____ (heat) water to 100ºC, it_____ (boil).
  2. Mary is a very hard – working girl. After she____(arrive) home, she immediately____(do) her homework.
  3. If you ____(cheat) on exams, you____(be) then a cheater.
  4. If it____(rain), you____ (get) wet without an umbrella. Please take it!
  5. You_____(be) a great tennis player if you ______(exercise) a lot!
  6. My mother _____(be) happy if I ___(help) her in the kitchen with cooking.
  7. I’ll ____(help) you if you ____(need) some assistance.
  8. I always _____(get) wet when it____(rain) as I don’t take umbrella with me.
  9. Unless you ____ (learn) hard for the exams, you____never_______(graduate) from the faculty.
  10. Susan _____ (get) great marks if she ____(learn) enough.
  11. If babies _____(not/be) happy, they (cry).
  12. You _____(get) water if you ______(mix) hydrogen and oxygen.
  13. After I _____(arrive) to work, I always _____(make) a cup of coffee for the start.
  14. They _____(come) to visit us if we_____(invite) them.
  15. My mother usually_______(cook) for us if she_____(be) at home.



Zero conditional: If +present simple, …present simple.

First conditional: If + present simple,…future simple.


***Note! Zero conditional is mainly used in

a )science and for some

b) general truths or

c) habits.


  1. You get water if you mix hydrogen and oxygen.
  2. If you heat water to 100ºC, it boils.
  3. After Mary comes home, she immediately does her homework.


Drill: Put all the sentences in whether zero or first conditional:

  1. If it_____(snow), I ______ (stay) at home.
  2. Susan _____(come) to visit us if she_____(find) some time.
  3. Tom_____(cook) dinner for us if we____(come).
  4. If your friend_____(want) us to come, we_____(arrive) immediately!


***Note! First conditional is used in some specific but real situations related to a) present or b) future.

  1. If you don’t hurry up a bit, the bus will leave!
  2. If John invites us to the party, we will come.
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