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yet just already
yet just already

USE: We use yet, just and already in the present perfect tense to stress the situation. You need to learn where it is appropriate to put them:


We use YET in negative sentences with the meaning STILL.  It is placed at the end of a sentence. In questions, YET has the meaning of already and is also placed at the end of a sentence.


Used before past participle to say that something happened not long ago.


Used in affirmative sentences before past participle.

Fill in the gaps with YET or JUST:

1. –Is Susan here? – Yes,she has____arrived.
2. I’ve_____done my homework.
3. My brother hasn’t arrived ____.
4. They have_____finished their lunch.
5. I haven’t decided ______.
6. All of my friends have _____ gone out.
7. She has _____finished her report.
8. Tony and Simon have _____made a mess.
9. It has ____ stopped raining.
10. We haven’t agreed on the terms _____.
11. Has she prepared the food_____?
12. This great novelist has______finished his new book and it is ready for printing.
13. All th ese people have_____come to see you and to discuss important issues.
14. Julia hasn’t cooked dinner _____.
15. I’ve ______phoned my mother.
16. Has she phoned her mother_____?
17. Have you had your hair cut_____?
18. The show has_____started. You need to hurry up if you want to watch it.
19. The Simpsons have______come!
20. Peter has ______prepared for his interview.
21. We’ve haven’t had lunch______.
22. Tara has _____ found a new job.
23. Sonia has_____met her friends.
24. I have _____ won the lottery!
25. I’ve ______cleaned all the floors, so I’m free !
26. They haven’t eaten pizza____.
27. Have they eaten pizza_____?
28. We’ve _____left without money.What shall we do?
29. Time has_____run out. Hand in your papers.
30. Have they arrived at the theatre_____?
31. We haven’t arrived at the theatre_____.
32. The famous pop star has ____released a new single.
33. Has she released a new single_____?
34. She hasn’t released a new single_____.
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