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Vocabulary – Makeup

Here you can find vocabulary related to makeup with exercises and a KEY at the end of this mini e-book. This is great for your EFL/ESL students who need to master this type of vocabulary – those working in cosmetic or fashion industry for example. This FREE makeup vocabulary pdf is great also for teachers engaged in teaching their EFL/ESL and other students. A iist of words included in this mini e-book  : bronzer, liquid powder, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, eye-shadow, highlighter, lip liner /lip pencil, toner, crayon, eye pencil / eyeliner

Makeup – Exercises:

 Match the sentences in column A with their definitions in column B:


  1. bronzer
  2. liquid powder
  3. lip gloss
  4. lipstick
  5. mascara
  6. eye-shadow
  7. highlighter
  8. lip liner / lip pencil
  9. toner
  10. crayon
  11. eye pencil / eyeliner




  1. a cream or powder that you put on your face and body to make your skin look brown from being in the sun
  2. a type of make-up that is put on the lips to make them look shiny
  3. a substance that you put on your face after you have cleaned it to make the skin feel firm
  4. a colored substance, usually contained in a pencil, that is put in a line just above or below the eyes in order to make them look more attractive
  5. is intended to fill uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips after applying lipstick, therefore giving a smooth shape
  6. a cosmetic cream or powder applied to the face to highlight the cheekbones, eyes, etc
  7. a colored cream or powder that is put around the eyes to make them look larger or more attractive
  8. a substance similar to eyeliner but thicker and more oily
  9. a colored substance that women put on their lips to make them more attractive
  10. a soft, dry substance that is spread over the skin of the face, in order to stop the skin from looking shiny and it is in a liquid form
  11. a thick dark liquid make-up that is used to make eyelashes dark and make them appear thicker and longer

There is also one very amusing video you can watch on YouTube. Look at the way this teacher explains makeup vocabulary:

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