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Certain verbs need a construction -ing immediately after if it is followed by another verb. Examples of those verbs are :

  1. verbs that express like or dislike: like, love, hate, enjoy, fancy..  E.g. – I hate getting up early.
  2. verbs of thinking: suggest, mind, consider,  deny, admit, remember, imagine.. She denying stealing from the store.
  3. There are also other verbs such as: help, keep, miss, risk, can’t stand,

Some verbs can be followed by verb-ed / verb-ing forms but have a slight change in meaning. For example a verb remember can be followed by verbs ending in ed/ing with a change in meaning:



I remembered to buy a heavy cream.  (I didn’t forget to buy a heavy cream)

I remembered enjoying a great time. (I have memories of being somewhere and having a great time.)


*Some verbs take an ED ending after certain verbs. Examples of those verbs are:

afford, appear, ask, choose, fail, happen, help, long, manage, offer, prepare, refuse, tend, wait, want

*There are also that can be followed both by the infinitive and that-clause:

agree, arrange, decide, demand, desire, expect, hope, intend, learn, plan, pretend, promise, seem, threaten, wish

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