Fill in with some / any: (Sometimes both are possible, depending on how you perceive the situation)

  1. There are____apples in the fridge.
  2. Is there____bank near here? I’m new and still wandering around the city.
  3. There aren’t _____oranges left!
  4. Would you like____coffee?
  5. Do you have____clue how to solve this problem?
  6. I have____very interesting books, come and we can read together!
  7. Tony was having ____ problems with his car, so he couldn’t drive his child to the school.
  8. She didn’t have_____toys left to play with, so I borrowed her_____.
  9. Can I have____salt in my salad, please?
  10. They couldn’t buy____roses for the teacher. It was too expensive!
  11. My parents are usually busy, so they don’t have____time left for me!
  12. What an interesting story! Do yo have ____ more?
  13. I have_____problems with this computer, what about you?
  14. Do you have____pencil to borrow, I dont’t have____with me now.
  15. Would you like____juice to drink?
  16. There are____great hot-dogs over there!
  17. I would like to buy____training shoes, but I don’t know what to choose.
  18. I think that I can see____guys over there coming towards us!
  19. She is making _____ nice cakes!
  20. Are there_____dishes I can use?
  21. May I take_____handouts for my friends who are not coming on class today?
  22. Are there____pupils outside or everyone is here?
  23. There are____ meals you can try for free!

Some and Any

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