Question Words – Who / Which / Whom

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Examples of question words:

Who is your best friend?
Who is your favourite actress?
Who is in front of the door?
Who can help us?
Who is the best student in our class?

Which rose smells the best red or blue one?
Which of those two boys is your brother?
Which is the best place for sitting?
Which is your favourite movie?
Which house is yours?
Which is your favourite season?

Whom is that girl chasing?
Whom did we fight?
Whom did you take a coat?
Whom have you offered a place to stay?
Whom did you offer coffee?

Exercise1 with question words who, which , whom:

Put who/which in the gaps:

  1. _____ is your favourite movie?
  2. _____ went to dinner?
  3. _____ dress suits me best?
  4. _____ is your favourite actor?
  5. _____ book did you bring?
  6. _____ is your favourite teacher?
  7. _____ of those two girls is your sister?
  8. _____ is the tallest boy in our class?
  9. ____ car does your father drive?
  10. _____ is your boss?
  11. _____ of those two coffees is yours?
  12. _____ is your favourite subject?
  13. _____ is coming today to pick you?
  14. _____ is your best friend?
  15. _____ helps you with your homework most?
  16. _____ is there?

Exercise 2 with question words:

Put who/whom in empty spaces: 

  1. ____ is good at math in your family?
  2. ____ did you talk to?
  3. ____ did you give a present to?
  4. ____ is in front of the door?
  5. ____ do you love the most?
  6. ____ did you borrow the money from?
  7. ____ is your favourite singer?
  8. ____ is in charge of school lunches here?
  9. ____ is your brother?
  10. ____ do you admire most?
  11. ____ are the funniest children in your class?
  12. ____ were the first settlers in the USA?
  13. ____ is going with whom?
  14. ____ was the letter written by?

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