Possessive Adjectives in Singular – My / Your / His / Her / Its with a FREE pdf

Possessive Adjectives

my your


Fill in the blanks with my, your, his, her,
its : ( Sometimes there are several

1. ‘What’s ____ name?’ ‘____ name’s
2. ‘What’s _____ favourite colour?’
3. These are _____ pupils. I teach them
4. Peter is really old-fashioned. I mean
look at ____ shirt!
5. Sonia is at the party. _____ dog is
with me.
6. There is a nice shoe shop nearby.
____ shop window is nicely decorated.
7. Jason likes to play in ____ room.
8. Sonia and ____ dog are on the sofa.
9. ____ best friends are always here to
support me.
10.You lost _____ notebook and you are
nervous because of that.
11. Peter’s cat is black. ____ cat is very
12. It is the best year in ____ life,
13. All ____ notebooks are filled. I need
to buy new ones.
14.I think Peter is a bit rude guy.____
behaviour is bad.
15.Lazar is an excellent professor. ____
lectures are amazing!
16.Maria’s mobile is better than mine.
____ mobile has great memory.
17.I am an English teacher and you are
_____ students.
18.I think that Peter’s sister is very
nice. _____ personality suits me.
19. She is ____ sister and I love her
very much.
20._____ dog is brownish as you can see.
21.This clock is useless. ____ hands are
22.Tony is outside. _____ friends are
with him.

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