The Past Simple Tense

Fill in the blanks with the proper past simple forms of the verbs in brackets:

  1. ______you ________ (have) any problems with your car yesterday?
  2. What______you________ (do) after the accident?
  3. _______ (be) your friend ok after the accident? I’ve heard he was injured.
  4. There ______ (be) some problems with our students after Sue came.

Our students________ (be) very responsive, so we decided to take on a new approach.

  1. Where______ (be) the nearest bank here?
  2. ______ she _______ (have) any particular food that she avoided?
  3. _____ (be) he married?–Well, I don’t know that really.
  4. My son_______ (be) in the garden and his friends______ (be) also there helping him with the barbecue.
  5. There_______(not/be) many apples left so I bought some.
  6. ______ (be) they very strict with the rules? – I think they________ (be).
  7. _____she always_______ (do) her homework after school?
  8. There_______ (be) a cat on the chair when I came in.
  9. My sister_______ (do) my make up and I think she_____ (do) it really well.
  10. How many students______ (be) there in your class?
  11. They_______ (be) very close friends and ______ (do) everything together.
  12. _____ you ready for the party last week (be)? _____you_____ (have) everything you needed?
  13. There_____ (be) a big dog outside. -______ (be) you afraid of it?
  14. I _________ (not/have) enough time so we couldn’t come on time!
  15. ______you______ (have) enough materials for exercising?
  16. I______ (be) in a big trouble as I didn’t know what to do.
  17. You simply ________ (not/do) enough exercises. You needed to practise more.
  18. My mother_________ (not/have) much time for cooking when she was still working.
  19. John _________ (not/have) a clue what to do about his exam.
  20. _______ (be) your friends busy then? I needed some help with the barbecue.
  21. There _________(not/be) many people at the party when I came.
  22. _____she______ (have) lots of toys to play with?
  23. What_____Pete_____ (do) for a living? – He ______ (be) a dentist I think.
  24. Where_______ (be) my new T-shirt I bought yesterday?
  25. Who_______ (be) at the door? – I don’t know, didn’t check.
  26. We________ (have) plenty of time, so we didn’t hurry.
  27. There ______ (be) lots of walnut trees here some time ago.
  28. I________ (not/have) much time and money to go shopping so I didn’t.
  29. I________ (not/have) many friends to play with when I was little.
  30. There_______ (be) many problems with my computer I didn’t know how to fix.
  31. Some of my close friends already________ (have) two children when they_____ (be)
  32. What________you________(have) for lunch today?
  33. What _______you________ (do) in your free time when you______(be) younger?
  34. We never_________ (do) our homework after school.
  35. Sue_________ (not/do) anything wrong but she lost her job anyway.
  36. What_______you_______ (do) at the party?

the past simple tenseThe Past Simple Tense – Pdf

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