1. linkers
    linking words
    Who am I _________all those people here?
  2. Sue was working all day _________ she caught a cold.
  3. _________ bad weather, we enjoyed our holiday.
  4. I was sitting ___________ Sue and Tom.
  5. John doesn’t have a car _________ his sister Sharon has.
  6. New computers have better performances and are __________ better.
  7. _________ raining, we went out without umbrella.
  8. I didn’t see the accident. I came a few moments __________.
  9. I was reading a book ________ my mother was cooking in the kitchen.
  10. Peter was watching the TV __________ I came in.
  11. We thought she was arrogant _________ in fact she was just very shy.
  12. _________ we didn’t have much money, we decided not to go to the restaurant.
  13. There was a cat on the chair __________ I came in.
  14. My sister does my make up ________ I think she does it really well.
  15. She had put her hair up ___________ look older.
  16. ___________ I was cleaning the floor, she was dusting.
  17. How can I find my pencil ____________ all that stuff?
  18. __________ coming later, she was allowed to attend the class.
  19. Peter has invited me to the party___________ I can’t come.
  20. Lunch was great __________ too expensive if you ask me.
  21. My friends are drinking tea ___________ I’m preparing lunch.
  22. We kept on driving ___________ we didn’t have enough gas.
  23. My mother didn’t have much time for cooking _____________she was still working.
  24. __________ you don’t have anything else to say, I’d ask you to leave.
  25. Everyone was drunk ____________ the party so they went home.
  26. There had been many people at the party _____________ I arrived.
  27. Our school is_____________ a music shop and a bookstore.
  28. We always do our homework __________ school.
  29. Always clean your teeth __________ going to bed!
  30. We bought these books __________ learn more efficiently.
  31. I woke up late ___________ I didn’t have anything to do.
  32. There was a big party _________ school. Everyone came.
  33. __________ bad marks, she managed to finish her school.
  34. Always clean your hands ____________ meal!
  35. She is a very nice person ___________ she has her bad moments from time to time.
linking words

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