1. Why (you look) __________________________at me like that?
  2. We usually go skiing every year, but this year we ( not go) _______________ (anywhere).
  3. The earth (go) __________ round the sun.
  4. She told me her address, but I (not remember) ______________________it.
  5. She________ (prefer) tea to coffee.
  6. Paul (not like) ____________________ math.
  7. Normally I get up at 8, but this week I (get up)_________at 7.
  8. My sister Sonia (live) __________________ in London.
  9. My brother usually (go) __________________ to work by train.
  10. Lucy is not in London at the moment. She (stay) _________________ in Paris.
  11. Let`s go jogging. It`s (not rain) ______________at the moment
  12. I (learn) ___________________ Spanish. My friend is teaching me.
  13. How is your father? Is he still ill? No, he (get better)_______________.
  14. Do not put the scissors away I____________ (use) them.
  15. Can you hear those girls? What (they talk) _______________about?
  16. Can you cook? No but I (learn)____________.
  17. Are you thirsty? (you want)___________________ something to drink?
  18. Ann (look for) _____________________a new job.
  19. What ( your parents do) _______________? They are teachers.
  20. (you need)______________ a ticket to see your mother play at the theatre?
  21. ` Is Colin working this week?` No, he`s on holiday.` ( Colin/work)
  22. Jenny is a student at university. Is she? What_____________?(she/study)
  23. _____________________ to the radio or can I turn it off? (anybody/listen)
  24. How is your English?_________________________________better? (it/get)
  25. We can go out now. It ________________( rain) any more.
  26. A: How is your new job? B: Not so good at the moment. I_________________( enjoy) it very much.
  27. Catherine is on holiday in France. She_____________________(have) a great time.
  28. I want to lose weight , so this week week I____________________(eat) lunch.
  29. Angela has just started evening class. She_____________________(learn) German.
  30. I think Paul and Ann have had an argument. They________________________ (speak) to each other.
  31. Julia is very good at languages. She _________(speak) four languages.
  32. Hurry up!Everybody ____________________(wait) for you.
  33. A:______________________(you/listen) to the radio?B: No, you can turn it off.
  34. A:______________________(you/listen) to the radio every day?B: No, just occasionally.
  35. The River Nile_______________(flow) very fast today-much faster than usual.
  36. We usually ______________( grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we __________(not grow) any.
  37. How is your English? B: Not bad.It ____________________(improve) slowly.
  38. Ron is in London at the moment. He ____________________(stay) at the Park Hotel. He _____________________ (always/stay) there when he is in London.
  39. Can we stop walking soon?I______________(start) to feel tired.
  40. A: Can you drive?B: I_____________(learn). My father ____________(teach) me.
  41. Normally I________________(finish) work at 5.00, but this week I____________(work) until 6.00 to earn a bit more money.
  42. My parents ______________(live) in Bristol. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where ______________(your parents/ live)?
  43. Sonia _________________(look) for a place to live. She ________________(stay) with her sister until she finds somewhere.
  44. Susan ____________(love) her parents.
  45. My mother____________(be) a nice person.
  46. Tom and Jim___________(go/out) tonight.
  47. A: What _______________(your father/do)? B: He is an arhitect but he_________________(not work) at the moment.
  48. The train is never late. It ____________(always/leave) on time.
  49. Jim is very untidy. He _________________(always/leave) his things all over the place.
  50. Jane ________________(not/drink) tea very often.
  51. What time__________________(the banks/close) in Britain?
  52. A: Where__________________(Martin/come)from? B: He`s Scottish.
  53. A: What______________________(you/do)?B: I`m an electrical engineer.
  54. It____________________________(take) me an hour to get to work. How long_____________________________(it/take) you?
  55. I_____________play the piano but I__________________(not/play) very well.
  56. I don`t understand this sentence. What_________________(this word/mean)?


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