Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives


1.Fill in with the right possessive adjectives using the prompts in brackets:

  • Where is _____ T-shirt? (I)
  • This is _____ house. (We)
  •  _____ teacher is very supportive. (They)
  • _____ mother likes to cook. (I)
  • _____ sister is my best friend. (He)
  • John likes _____ two siblings very much. (He)
  • His friends gave him _____ books back. (He)


2.   Fill in with the right possessive pronouns using the prompts in brackets:

  •  This is _____. (I)
  •  The ball is _____.( He)
  •  The cat is _____.(We)
  •  This necklace is _____.(She)
  •  The rings are _____.(We)
  • This is not _____ (They), this is _____ (We)!

3. Complete the sentences using possessive pronouns or possessive adjectives:  

  • He likes _____ (she) jokes but I don’t!
  • Why are you looking at _____ (she) legs?
  • That’s not ______ (I) book, it’s _______ (you)!
  • _____ (they) cars are very expensive.
  • Peter’s house is big. _____ (I) is aso big and _____ (she) is small.
  • The dog wagged _____ (it) tail.
  • The big cat is ______ (we) and the smaller one is _____(they).
  • What colour is _____ (you) brother’s jacket? _____ (he) jacket is blue. What colour is _____ (you)?
  • _____ (we) house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • What colours are _____ (you) eyes? _____ (I) are brown.
  • This is _____ (I) brother’s house. It’s _____ (he).
  • Is this _____ (you) luggage or _____ (he)?
  • What is _____ (you) problem?
  • This is friend of ______ (I). _____ (he) name is Tom.
  • I like _____ (I) two brothers I live with.

4. Circle the correct answer:

  • He goes to his/him house.
  • They like their/theirs
  • Is this your/yours?
  • My/mine ball is bigger than her/hers.
  • We are having a great time at our/ours house.
  • She’s putting her/hers money into her/hers pocket.
  • Susan made her/hers first public speech.







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