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phrasal verbs with come
Phrasal Verbs with Come

Some Phrasal Verbs with Come have different meanings but the same form like: come up or come under.

Examples of the Phrasal Verbs with Come:

  1. I came up with a good plan for the meeting tomorrow.
  2. She came up to us and asked us a few questions.
  3. I’ve come upon this post after some time
  4. Come over here!
  5. Our government came under siege.
  6. The leaves were coming down all over me.
  7. She hurried up the stairs. If she ran into a servant or a guest, she’d say she was running from Anton, which he’d only confirm when he eventually came after her. (From the book “Firestorm” – Rachel Grant)
  8. Plan your activities so that you are rested and refreshed when something important is coming up.
  9. I’m so excited whenever I come across a good book!
  10. Susan came along in her car and offered us a lift.

Please note: The same phrasal verb can have several meanings:

e.g. come under

a) experience or suffer sth –
Our government came under siege.

b) to be found under the larger unit of something – The phrasal verb run into usually comes under the verb run in a dictionary.

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