Yet / Just / Already

yet just already

USE: We use yet, just and already in the present perfect tense to stress the situation. You need to learn where it is appropriate to put them:


We use YET in negative sentences with the meaning STILL.  It is placed at the end of a sentence. In questions, YET has the meaning of already and is also placed at the end of a sentence.


Used before past participle to say that something happened not long ago.

Used in affirmative sentences before past participle.

Fill in the gaps with YET or JUST:

1. –Is Susan here? – Yes,she has____arrived.
2. I’ve_____done my homework.
3. My brother hasn’t arrived ____.
4. They have_____finished their lunch.
5. I haven’t decided ______.
6. All of my friends have _____ gone out.
7. She has _____finished her report.
8. Tony and Simon have _____made a mess.
9. It has ____ stopped raining.
10. We haven’t agreed on the terms _____.
11. Has she prepared the food_____?
12. This great novelist has______finished his new book and it is ready for printing.
13. All th ese people have_____come to see you and to discuss important issues.
14. Julia hasn’t cooked dinner _____.
15. I’ve ______phoned my mother.
16. Has she phoned her mother_____?
17. Have you had your hair cut_____?
18. The show has_____started. You need to hurry up if you want to watch it.
19. The Simpsons have______come!
20. Peter has ______prepared for his interview.
21. We’ve haven’t had lunch______.
22. Tara has _____ found a new job.
23. Sonia has_____met her friends.
24. I have _____ won the lottery!
25. I’ve ______cleaned all the floors, so I’m free !
26. They haven’t eaten pizza____.
27. Have they eaten pizza_____?
28. We’ve _____left without money.What shall we do?
29. Time has_____run out. Hand in your papers.
30. Have they arrived at the theatre_____?
31. We haven’t arrived at the theatre_____.
32. The famous pop star has ____released a new single.
33. Has she released a new single_____?
34. She hasn’t released a new single_____.
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Questions – Who / Which / Where / When / How free PDF for downloading


Questions - Who / Which / Where / When / How free PDF for downloading

Fill in the blanks with who, which, where, when, how or why ( Sometimes several options are possible:)

  1. ____ were you so jealous when I spoke with Tom?
  2. ____ many apples do you have?
  3. ____ were you born?
  4. ____ did you find me?
  5. ____ were you chatting with?
  6. ____ blue jacket is this?
  7. ____ much money do you have now?
  8. ____ colour do you like best?
  9. ____ is your favourite basketball team?
  10. ____ do you spell your name?
  11. ____ can I find nearest coffee shop?
  12. ____ siblings do you have?
  13. ____ bicycle is this?
  14. ____ are you from?
  15. ____ are you having your last exam?
  16. ____ are your parents now?
  17. ____ did you have an accident?
  18. ____ are you so nervours?
  19. ____ does the Exit festival start?
  20. ____ often do you eat sweets?
  21. ____ is your favourite season?
  22. ____ is your phone number?
  23. ____ is the nearest bank?
  24. ____ are you drawing such crazy things?
  25. ____ is our due date for the essay?
  26. ____ is your favourite pop group?
  27. ____ does Tom and Cynthia live?
  28. ____ is our teacher’s house number?
  29. ____ do you need to finish all the tasks?
  30. ____ much time do we have for finishing the task?
  31. ____ is your brother coming?
  32. ____ can I complete this task?

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Possessive Adjectives in Singular – My / Your / His / Her / Its with a FREE pdf

Possessive Adjectives

my your


Fill in the blanks with my, your, his, her,
its : ( Sometimes there are several

1. ‘What’s ____ name?’ ‘____ name’s
2. ‘What’s _____ favourite colour?’
3. These are _____ pupils. I teach them
4. Peter is really old-fashioned. I mean
look at ____ shirt!
5. Sonia is at the party. _____ dog is
with me.
6. There is a nice shoe shop nearby.
____ shop window is nicely decorated.
7. Jason likes to play in ____ room.
8. Sonia and ____ dog are on the sofa.
9. ____ best friends are always here to
support me.
10.You lost _____ notebook and you are
nervous because of that.
11. Peter’s cat is black. ____ cat is very
12. It is the best year in ____ life,
13. All ____ notebooks are filled. I need
to buy new ones.
14.I think Peter is a bit rude guy.____
behaviour is bad.
15.Lazar is an excellent professor. ____
lectures are amazing!
16.Maria’s mobile is better than mine.
____ mobile has great memory.
17.I am an English teacher and you are
_____ students.
18.I think that Peter’s sister is very
nice. _____ personality suits me.
19. She is ____ sister and I love her
very much.
20._____ dog is brownish as you can see.
21.This clock is useless. ____ hands are
22.Tony is outside. _____ friends are
with him.

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Irregular Plural of Nouns with a FREE pdf download

Irregular Plural of Nouns

plural irregular

Irregular Plurals











*persons is used in very formal way


The following nouns are the same in the singular and plural:





*fish can be

used as fishes but in a different context.

The following nouns change –is to –es:








Exercise 1:

Turn the noun in brackets into the plural form:

  1. Many____(woman) like to shop.
  2. There are lots of_____(mouse) in here.
  3. Look at these_____(goose), they are beautiful!
  4. I always brush my _____(tooth) before going to bed.
  5. How many_____(person) were at the party?
  6. These_____(fish) look fantastic!
  7. Have you already read the story ‘Four _____(ox) and the Lion’?
  8. I need to clean the house, especially to put the sheets into the washing machine in case there are some____(louse) in the sheets.
  9. Look at my____(foot), they’re really dirty now!

Exercise 2

Turn the noun in brackets into the plural form:

  1. Their playgrouds were the____ (oasis) of peace and sanity amid the surrounding chaos.
  2. You need to watch out for those____(axis) there, I need to put them somewhere else.
  3. There are many kinds of____(fish)* in the sea.
  4. _____(deer) are the ruminant mammals that comprise the family Cervidae.
  5. ____(sheep) (Ovis aries) are quadrupedal, ruminant mammals typically kept as livestock.
  6. You need to establish some____(basis) for further improvements.
  7. She was given several____(diagnosis) but none seems to be right.


Question Words – Who / Which / Whom

who when esl


Who is your best friend?
Who is your favourite actress?
Who is in front of the door?
Who can help us?
Who is the best student in our class?

Which rose smells the best red or blue one?
Which of those two boys is your brother?
Which is the best place for sitting?
Which is your favourite movie?
Which house is yours?
Which is your favourite season?

Whom is that girl chasing?
Whom did we fight?
Whom did you take a coat?
Whom have you offered a place to stay?
Whom did you offer coffee?


Put who/which in the gaps:

  1. _____ is your favourite movie?
  2. _____ went to dinner?
  3. _____ dress suits me best?
  4. _____ is your favourite actor?
  5. _____ book did you bring?
  6. _____ is your favourite teacher?
  7. _____ of those two girls is your sister?
  8. _____ is the tallest boy in our class?
  9. ____ car does your father drive?
  10. _____ is your boss?
  11. _____ of those two coffees is yours?
  12. _____ is your favourite subject?
  13. _____ is coming today to pick you?
  14. _____ is your best friend?
  15. _____ helps you with your homework most?
  16. _____ is there?

Exercise 2:

Put who/whom in empty spaces: 

  1. ____ is good at maths in your family?
  2. ____ did you talk to?
  3. ____ did you give a present to?
  4. ____ is in front of the door?
  5. ____ do you love the most?
  6. ____ did you borrow the money from?
  7. ____ is your favourite singer?
  8. ____ is in charge of school lunches here?
  9. ____ is your brother?
  10. ____ do you admire most?
  11. ____ are the funniest children in your class?
  12. ____ were the first settlers in the USA?
  13. ____ is going with whom?
  14. ____ was the letter written by?

*Can and Could 

*Modal Verbs

* Phrases with BREAK

*Subject and Object questions

*Subject and Object Personal Pronouns

*Question Words

*Future Continuous / Future Perfect

*Am / Is / Are

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