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countable and uncountable nouns
countable and uncountable nouns
regular and irregular plural of NOUNS
regular and irregular plural of NOUNS
plural of nouns exercises
plural of nouns exercises
regular and irregular plural of nouns
regular and irregular plural of nouns

Countable nouns – nouns that you can count and where if they are in singular you can put a/an where it is necessary.

Uncountable nouns – nouns that you cannot count. You don’t put a/an before them. To make them countable, you can add a phrase before a noun: – a bar of chocolate, a jar of marmalade, a piece of information.

Regular and Irregular Plural of Nouns: Exercises

Add –S or –ES to the following nouns in singular:


Present Simple – London Calling free pdf grammar guide -mini e-book

present simple
present simple pdf
present simple
present simple FREE pdf




Fill in with the proper verb forms of HAVE:

1 .  ____ you _____ a pen?
2.  ____ she ______ siblings?
3.  ____ they _____  any pets?
4.  ____ you______ a car?
1. I _______ 20 different pairs of jeans.
2. They ________ a big house.
3. Susan ________ two brothers and sisters.
4. The police _______ several divisions that deal with different crimes.

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Use of much / many:

Much and Many have the meaning large amount of something. We normally use them in negative and question forms, but they can  occur in positive sentences with words so, as and too for emphasizing or in formal texts. For affirmative sentences we normally use a lot of / lots of.

Much is used with uncountable nouns : -I don’t have much money.

Many is used with countable nouns: –There aren’t many oranges left.

NOTE: It’s important to understand what countable and uncountable nouns are in order to use much and many properly.

Fill in with much/many:
1. There aren’t ____ apples left.
2. How ____money do you need for the books?
3. There aren’t______ people at the party.
4. There are____nice people here.
5. We don’t have____time. Please hurry up!
6. I can’t see ____children playing in the garden!
7. It happened to me so ____ times!
8. I’d like to have____opportunities for travelling.
9. There isn’t____sugar left.
10.How____chairs can you see?
11. A: I’ve got a bad mark.
B: How____mistakes did you have?
12.____ native English speakers give private lessons. If you have enough time and money, you can hire someone.
13. I haven’t eaten so _____apples recently!
14.How ____dollars do you have with you?
15.Since Peter doesn’t have_____time, he can’t come to see me.
16.How____tea would you like?
17.He can’t get much_____attention he used to have, that’s why he is so nervous.
18.We had____difficult exercises to do for our homework.
19.____rainy days caused lots of floods in our country.
20.How ____energy does the world need?
21.Here you can find ____nice skirts and T-shirts.
22.You’ll not have____ freedom to choose what
you like to eat if you stay there.
23.Do you have____ work to do?
24. Lisa has _____ toys she doesn’t want to play with.
25.As you’re late there’s not ____ cake left.
26.Simon didn’t have____problems yesterday.
27.She used to get _____ presents.
28.They don’t seem to have _____ problems.

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Yet / Just / Already

yet just already
yet just already

USE: We use yet, just and already in the present perfect tense to stress the situation. You need to learn where it is appropriate to put them:


We use YET in negative sentences with the meaning STILL.  It is placed at the end of a sentence. In questions, YET has the meaning of already and is also placed at the end of a sentence.


Used before past participle to say that something happened not long ago.


Used in affirmative sentences before past participle.

Fill in the gaps with YET or JUST:

1. –Is Susan here? – Yes,she has____arrived.
2. I’ve_____done my homework.
3. My brother hasn’t arrived ____.
4. They have_____finished their lunch.
5. I haven’t decided ______.
6. All of my friends have _____ gone out.
7. She has _____finished her report.
8. Tony and Simon have _____made a mess.
9. It has ____ stopped raining.
10. We haven’t agreed on the terms _____.
11. Has she prepared the food_____?
12. This great novelist has______finished his new book and it is ready for printing.
13. All th ese people have_____come to see you and to discuss important issues.
14. Julia hasn’t cooked dinner _____.
15. I’ve ______phoned my mother.
16. Has she phoned her mother_____?
17. Have you had your hair cut_____?
18. The show has_____started. You need to hurry up if you want to watch it.
19. The Simpsons have______come!
20. Peter has ______prepared for his interview.
21. We’ve haven’t had lunch______.
22. Tara has _____ found a new job.
23. Sonia has_____met her friends.
24. I have _____ won the lottery!
25. I’ve ______cleaned all the floors, so I’m free !
26. They haven’t eaten pizza____.
27. Have they eaten pizza_____?
28. We’ve _____left without money.What shall we do?
29. Time has_____run out. Hand in your papers.
30. Have they arrived at the theatre_____?
31. We haven’t arrived at the theatre_____.
32. The famous pop star has ____released a new single.
33. Has she released a new single_____?
34. She hasn’t released a new single_____.
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Questions – Who / Which / Where / When / How free PDF for downloading


Questions - Who / Which / Where / When / How free PDF for downloading

Fill in the blanks with who, which, where, when, how or why ( Sometimes several options are possible:)

  1. ____ were you so jealous when I spoke with Tom?
  2. ____ many apples do you have?
  3. ____ were you born?
  4. ____ did you find me?
  5. ____ were you chatting with?
  6. ____ blue jacket is this?
  7. ____ much money do you have now?
  8. ____ colour do you like best?
  9. ____ is your favourite basketball team?
  10. ____ do you spell your name?
  11. ____ can I find nearest coffee shop?
  12. ____ siblings do you have?
  13. ____ bicycle is this?
  14. ____ are you from?
  15. ____ are you having your last exam?
  16. ____ are your parents now?
  17. ____ did you have an accident?
  18. ____ are you so nervours?
  19. ____ does the Exit festival start?
  20. ____ often do you eat sweets?
  21. ____ is your favourite season?
  22. ____ is your phone number?
  23. ____ is the nearest bank?
  24. ____ are you drawing such crazy things?
  25. ____ is our due date for the essay?
  26. ____ is your favourite pop group?
  27. ____ does Tom and Cynthia live?
  28. ____ is our teacher’s house number?
  29. ____ do you need to finish all the tasks?
  30. ____ much time do we have for finishing the task?
  31. ____ is your brother coming?
  32. ____ can I complete this task?




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