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I) Fill in the gaps with am/is/are:

1.  This house _____ small.

2. Pete _____ tall.

3. Susan and Tim _____ my best friends.

4. My name ______ Tess.

5. My roommates ______ really good friends.

6. I _____ an actor.

7. You _____ awesome!

8. The weather ______ great!

9. There ______ a great restaurant nearby.

10. What ______ your favourite colour?

  1. II) Circle the correct answer:

1.  My keys am/is/are on the desk.

2. Tom am/is/are a doctor.

3. You am/is/are fabulous.

4. This am/is/are ridiculous.

5. My children am/is/are at school now.

6. I am/is/are a bit hungry.

7. Darija am/is/are from Russia.

8. We am/is/are very friendly.

9. I am/is/are very tired.

10. You am/is/are my honey!




Three FREE websites for English learners

It has become very difficult to choose among so many great websites, but if I need to make a list, here’s one:

  • – This one is a perfect place both for English teachers and learners as there are tons of great ESL / EFL materials, designed by English teachers, and uploaded on a regular basis. Most worksheets are eye-catching and great for visual learners. There are also ones that have little drawings on them and are suitable for those who like simplicity. You need to log in and make an account. After, you’ll need to design your own worksheets and upload them. Important: You have to make your own worksheets, otherwise, you’ll not be able to download the ones you need. It is important to have in mind that it is not allowed to use any copyright images in your worksheets, nor other’s work. They are very strict, and lots of moderators supervise the work of newbies. So, be honest and you’ll have the greatest benefits of this site.


  •  If you don’t like to design worksheets, but still need to download some really colorful ones, you can try with where you just need to log in and download what you need. I personally don’t prefer this one as I like to design things on my own, and I want that if someone wants to download my work, they need to provide something back. There are  also not as many  worksheets  as on  Many great authors are only on eslprintables. However, if you don’t plan to design your worksheets and need quick solution this is a great solution. What is also great is that if you teach German, French or some other language, you can also find very helpful worksheets to use.


  • – another great website, where contributions of its members are very welcome. The great thing about this one is that worksheets that are uploaded by its members are revised and spelling mistakes are usually edited. You don’t have to upload your own worksheets.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planners

Click on the images so you can grab your free pdf weekly planner printables.

Weekly Planner #1

You may also like this really simple  weekly planner! If you need to plan a week ahead this is a right printable for you! Grab this template and print it as many times as you need! Suitable for any year!


Weekly Planner #2


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Weekly Planner #3

Daily Planner #4 Free Printable Pdf format

Needless to say why daily planning is very important. This is one free daily planner template where you can have different items on just one page! If you don’t have enough time to print many pages this is the right option for you!

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daily planner 3