Places and Shops in Town

  • real estate agency
  • fried chicken shop
  • nightclub / night club
  • police station
  • supermarket
  • donut shop
  • sport shop
  • burger shop
  • pet shop
  • green grocer
  • gallery
  • bank
  • fire station
  • locksmith shop
  • music shop
  • hardware shop / DIY shop
  • butcher shop
  • pharmacy / drugstore
  • ladies fashion shop
  • gun shop
  • bakery
  • fish and chip shop
  • pawn shop
  • massage and spa centre
  • jewellery store (UK) / jewelry store (US)
  • travel agency
  • hospital
  • deli shop
  • magic shop
  • church
  • bookstore
  • library
  • post office
Places and Shops in Town
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Athletics – Sport Events – In Pictures – ESL / EFL Students

Conversation Questions:

  1. What sport event do you like to watch?
  2. Who is your favourite athlete?
  3. How many sport events do we have in athletics?
  4. Have you ever tried any type of the sport events?
  5. Is athletics good for body development?
  6. Would you like to try any of the athletic sport events?
  7. When should children start to do athletics? What age is too early to have a controlled training? When is too late to start athletics if you want to be a professional athlete?
  8. What type of muscles do you engage when you do athletics?
  9. Is athletics good for child body development?
  10. Have you ever visited an athletic event before?
athletics esl
athletics esl
athletics esl

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