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Phrasal verbs with FALL: examples
phrasal verbs with fall
Phrasal Verbs with FALL

  1. The summit was icy then but it was thawing as we were up there and the ice was falling away.
  2. The house fell into decay.
  3. They fell on the bread as if they hadn’t eaten for days.
  4. It all fell to me to the point it became overwhelming.
  5. We all fell about when he told us a joke.
  6. My favorite mug fell apart so I need a new one.
  7. The enemy fell back as our troops advanced.
  8. I can always fall back on my mum if I have a problem.
  9. Our garden tree fell down on the ground during the storm.
  10. I rushed for the door and fell over a small rock.

Exercises: Fill in with the proper forms of phrasal verbs in the picture:

  1. An expectant hush __________ the guests.
  2. Beyond the hill, the land __________ sharply towards the river.
  3. I don’t have any more money to   __________ on.
  4. Part of the hotel __________ the sea.
  5. The one thing to do when you can’t __________asleep is to simply get up.
  6. Europe’s monetary system is__________.
  7. My bathroom ceiling __________ today, only to reveal a huge water leak.
  8. Tom broke his leg, missed school for several days and __________.
  9. Christmas Day__________ on a Saturday.
  10. The market for their product  __________ to almost nothing.
  11. Their marriage finally __________.
  12. Don’t __________the rent or you’ll be evicted.

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Phrasal Verbs with Come / London Calling Designs

phrasal verbs with come
Phrasal Verbs with Come

Some Phrasal Verbs with Come have different meanings but the same form like: come up or come under.

Examples of the Phrasal Verbs with Come:

  1. I came up with a good plan for the meeting tomorrow.
  2. She came up to us and asked us a few questions.
  3. I’ve come upon this post after some time
  4. Come over here!
  5. Our government came under siege.
  6. The leaves were coming down all over me.
  7. She hurried up the stairs. If she ran into a servant or a guest, she’d say she was running from Anton, which he’d only confirm when he eventually came after her. (From the book “Firestorm” – Rachel Grant)
  8. Plan your activities so that you are rested and refreshed when something important is coming up.
  9. I’m so excited whenever I come across a good book!
  10. Susan came along in her car and offered us a lift.

Please note: The same phrasal verb can have several meanings:

e.g. come under

a) experience or suffer sth –
Our government came under siege.

b) to be found under the larger unit of something – The phrasal verb run into usually comes under the verb run in a dictionary.

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English Grammar – Phrases with BREAK – London Calling Designs with a FREE pdf download

phrases with break-londoncallingdesigns


To break up :

* to separate, to end a relationship: They couldn’t stand each other. They’ve just broken up.
*to go on a school holiday :  When do the schools break up in December?
*that cannot be heard any more (voice when calling someone): Sorry, I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up!
*breaking into pieces and in this way permanently break: She broke the vase with a baseball bat.


To break down :

 * (break down in tears) to suddenly start crying: She couldn’t take it anymore so she broke down in tears.
*to reduce to smaller parts in order to analyse: Susan has broken down her favourite doll to see what it is made of.
* to stop working: Sorry I’m late. My car has broken down.
*someone’s resistance  (to overcome it): Parents should know how to break down their child’s barriers.

To break in/into :

* to walk into sb’s house using force: They broke into his house.

* to start doing something suddenly: 

– He was standing at the corner when he suddenly broke into a run.

– Susan has broken into a laugh. (She started laughing suddenly)


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PHRASAL Verbs with GET

Fill in the gaps with the proper phrasal verbs from the table at the right (several options are sometimes possible):

  1. It took her a while to __________  
  2. Listen everyone, it’s time to stop talking and __________   with our class.
  3. Children, it’s time to stop playing around and finally _______
  4. Wake up! It’s time to __________ ! You’ll miss the class!
  5. Although I couldn’t speak the language, I managed to ______ my meaning _______ when necessary.
  6. Our new boss is very easy to __________ .
  7. __________ from the stove, it’s very hot!
  8. Don’t let these problems _____you _________ too much.
  9. According to Fitness Magazine, there are eight simple ways to _________ belly bloat.
  10. Do you have enough to __________ this month?
  11. It is hard to __________ without a car.
  12. I’ve just telephoned her but couldn’t __________   .
  13. My little brown dog hid where no one was able to __________   , so we had to ask for help.
  14. I don’t know how, but the secret somehow __________   .
  15. Be kind and __________  from  my lawn!
  16. When do you usually __________ in the morning?
  17. I always __________ the stuff I dont’ need or give them away to some charity organisation.
  18. I don’t think I can really __________ what you’re saying. Could you please explain it in more details?
  19. Tom won’t  __________ with his crime, I’m pretty sure for that!
  20. Ok people stop talking please and let’s  __________   business now.
  21. I think my parents don’t have any problems. I think they __________  
  22. I suppose I’ll  __________   early today and go fishing if my boss allows.
  23. The teacher’s always __________   me about my spelling.
  24. He kept talking to me and I couldn’t get away from him.
  25. You won’t __________   with your fraud and you know it!
  26. The files are locked away and I can’t __________  
  27. We’l have to __________   the problem of fixing our washing machine first.
  28. My grandmother needs a stick to __________   .
  29. I didn’t succeed to ______ my message_________ to my students.
  30. She didn’t __________   the bus I think. She actually missed the right station!
  31. Ok, people let’s __________  the text again, shall we?

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