Fill in the blanks with can, could,can’t,couldn’t : (Sometimes more than one option is possible)

  1. My students_______come as it was a holiday.
  2. Peter_______play tennis well when he was eight.
  3. Susan______come as she has too many tasks to finish.
  4. Some of my friends_______help if I ask them.
  5. I_______swim when I was three.
  6. My mother_______sing well when she was little.
  7. He_______cook really well now, but he________ cook anything when he was younger.
  8. _____ you speak any foreign languages?
  9. I’m afraid I_______come to you tomorrow as I have so many things to finish before the weekend.
  10. I looked everywhere for the notebook, but I ________ find it.
  11. I________drink lots of coffee when I was a student.
  12. Sorry, but I _______come to the party next week.
  13. I think I________pass the last exam as I’ve been learning enough.
  14. My friends________eat what I prepared for them as it was not enough good for them.
  15. My grandmother________play the piano very well when she was younger.
  16. We_________win the match as we didn’t have any chance.
  17. ______you speak a bit louder? I_______hear you well.
  18. I_______run very fast when I was in high school.
  19. I ______speak several languages, what about you?
  20. A cat______climb a tree, but it ______fly.
  21. My brother_______play football like a professional.
  22. My son is one year old. He_______speak yet.
  23. I ________ fix computers. I’m not a programmer nor skilled at fixing computers.
  24. A dog ________bark and it________run fast too.
  25. David_______cry for hours when he was a baby.
  26. We________come as our car was broken.
  27. We ________stay in my house or in a hotel.
  28. You________go by a truck or by a car.
  29. I ________drink lots of coffee when I was a student.
  30. Susan had failed the exam and ________ come to the party.

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