AM / IS / ARE – negative form

Fill in the blanks with am not, is not or are not ( you can use contractions I’m not, isn’t , aren’t if you like) :

  1. Susan ___ a tall woman.
  2. Peter and Sara ___ best friends.
  3. It ___ very difficult for me to finish the task.
  4. You ___ in a very good position to judge.
  5. My family ___ very large.
  6. There ___ a nice shoe shop nearby.
  7. It __ a bad weather today, so I’ll go out.
  8. Sonia and her dog ____ on the sofa.
  9. My best friends ____ always there to support me.
  10. There ____ many things I can do for you.
  11. Spiders ___ lovely animals, are they?
  12. It ___ the best year in my life, really.
  13. The police ____ investigating the crime.
  14. I think she ___ overweight.
  15. They ____ at the supermarket.
  16. Sonia’s best friends ____ excellent students.
  17. I ___ an English teacher and you ____ my students.
  18. Pete and Tony _____ best friends.
  19. She _____ my sister and I love her very much.
  20. Our dogs _____ brownish as you can see.
  21. This watch ____ useless. I’ll keep it .
  22. I ____ nervous because of the test tomorrow. What about you?
  23. These notebooks ____ mine!
  24. This______ a difficult task.
  25. There ______many things I can do at home.
  26. My parents______ rich, they are middle class people.
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The Present Simple Tense

Fill in the sentences with the proper forms of the verbs to be and to have.  (KEY  is included in the link above🙂

  • I_________ very hot in here. Could you turn some air-conditioning on?
  • The sky ________ very cloudy and black.
  • All of my friends_________cell phones! I really need one!
  • Susan__________one son and two daughters.
  • You__________a very nice dress!
  • There_________so many places I’d like to visit soon.
  • We__________lots of chores to do today.
  • You __________ great marks. I think you’re getting better.
  • These tasks_________too difficult for us!
  • It________very hot and sunny outside.
  • There________some unusual spots on it. Come to see it.
  • They_________ a nice couple.
  • My daughter_________two pets.
  • The pot ______very hot so be careful!
  • We_________lots of new products to offer.
  • This________funny!
  • My friends________ very kind.




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