English Grammar

Commonly Confused Words

affect vs. effect

to vs. too

lie vs. lay

lose vs. loose

desert vs. dessert

their vs. there

than vs. then

your vs. you’re

ensure vs. insure

farther vs. further

quite vs. quiet

stay vs. stand

its vs. it’s

complement vs. compliment

elicit vs. illicit

appraise vs. apprise

staff vs. stuff

stationery vs. stationary

overdo vs. overdue

principal vs. principle

thorough vs. through

whether vs. weather

which vs. witch

break vs. brake

disinterested vs. uninterested

later vs. latter

everyday vs. every day

moral vs. morale

lesson vs. lessen

patience vs. patient

immigrate vs. emigrate

beside vs. besides

adapt vs. adopt

Commonly Confused Words

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