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Phrasal verbs with FALL: examples
phrasal verbs with fall
Phrasal Verbs with FALL

  1. The summit was icy then but it was thawing as we were up there and the ice was falling away.
  2. The house fell into decay.
  3. They fell on the bread as if they hadn’t eaten for days.
  4. It all fell to me to the point it became overwhelming.
  5. We all fell about when he told us a joke.
  6. My favorite mug fell apart so I need a new one.
  7. The enemy fell back as our troops advanced.
  8. I can always fall back on my mum if I have a problem.
  9. Our garden tree fell down on the ground during the storm.
  10. I rushed for the door and fell over a small rock.

Exercises: Fill in with the proper forms of phrasal verbs in the picture:

  1. An expectant hush __________ the guests.
  2. Beyond the hill, the land __________ sharply towards the river.
  3. I don’t have any more money to   __________ on.
  4. Part of the hotel __________ the sea.
  5. The one thing to do when you can’t __________asleep is to simply get up.
  6. Europe’s monetary system is__________.
  7. My bathroom ceiling __________ today, only to reveal a huge water leak.
  8. Tom broke his leg, missed school for several days and __________.
  9. Christmas Day__________ on a Saturday.
  10. The market for their product  __________ to almost nothing.
  11. Their marriage finally __________.
  12. Don’t __________the rent or you’ll be evicted.

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